Stage Exposure

School days are the most important phase for a child’s emotional development; it’s when the child builds his/her confidence, self esteem and creative expression. To help our children excel in life skills, we organize regular activities where our prideens across branches come together and mesmerize everyone with their confidence and charisma. Stage exposure bolsters children's creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills – all of which can go a long way in empowering them.

Class Presentations

The class presentations are an event that we at Mother’s Pride look forward to every few months! This event is a quarterly culmination of the learnings of our Prideens wherein they showcase their skills in diverse fields such as dance, music, taekwondo, recitation and yoga. At our class presentations, you can easily witness how well your little one is performing in school and be proud of his/her growth process. When the Prideens get on the stage, they are simply magical. Their unmatched cuteness and confidence definitely deserve the glorious spotlight! While in the process, they also develop self-esteem and self-expression in the most unique way.

Fancy Dress

Little children are much more capable than we can ever imagine. They can rouse your conscience on sensitive issues like no one can. Such are the soul stirring performances by the Prideens at the Fancy Dress shows where they come wonderfully dressed up and talk about global warming, child labour, save the girl child and other socially relevant topics. These topics help increase their knowledge and make them socially responsible citizens. Their dynamic stage presence, vibrant costumes and charming personalities speak volumes of their confidence at such a tender age.

Fashion Show

Playing dress up begins during the first five years and never really ends. ‘Lights, Camera and Action!’. Here come the dazzling divas and dashing rock stars who will simply set the stage on fire at the very own Fashion Show of Mother’s Pride. Their stunning outfits, attractive personalities and confident walks are a true testimony to how they are trendsetters in the making! With their cute speeches they turn a lot of heads and stun the onlookers with their flawless delivery and dynamic stage presence. Wait for it! In a few years, all the best actors, models, leaders & artisans will be among the alumni of Mother’s Pride.

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