From the moment your child starts building senses, as parents, you start pondering over the dilemma of what is the right age for school and whether or not he needs one. Many studies worldwide suggest that to decide whether or not he needs a school, parents first must check their behaviour in the comfort zone of their house. Some houses already provide a school environment to the children, from a little library of story books & toys to a perfect schedule which prepares the children in advance, such that they are completely ready for school. On the other hand, the working parents who find it difficult to spare enough time for the child’s development during the initial years of his life, find a great partner in a preschool.


The ideal age for admitting toddlers in preschool is two years. Most experts call it ‘The Miracle Year’, which truly deserves the right environment and exposure. They should get an opportunity to enjoy their childhood to the fullest and we, at Mother’s Pride ensure that everyday, every moment is extremely special for them. A lot of focus is also laid on giving a great beginning to their educational journey by making the learning process fun and exciting.


From when he opens his eyes to see a bright light, to his first word and his first walk, the initial few years of your child’s life are the most crucial. What they are taught during this time stays with them throughout their life. We, at Mother’s pride believe in setting the perfect foundation for your child by nurturing their minds to develop a positive approach towards the world. Popularly known as the trendsetters of preschool education, we have created a healthy amalgamation of new age curriculum and a ‘feel at home’ experience where education is imparted for life with utmost love. We ensure that children can be their own directors of the movie of their childhood and create memories which will last them a lifetime. This life-long learning begins at our very own castle of love which is a wonderland with child-friendly infrastructure and facilities that provides the little ones, their second home!

Some of the USPs of Mother's Pride:

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

What started in a small room is now a dream spread across 125 branches! Envisioned & led by a renowned parenting expert & visionary in education, Mrs.Sudha Gupta, Mother’s Pride is a trendsetter of preschool education with over 20 years of redefining early child education in India and blossoming millions of lives. Today, it is India’s most loved preschool which lays a focus on adding wonders to the childhood of every individual.

Award Winning School

This school has been acknowledged on many educational platforms all over the country and internationally through numerous awards in diverse categories.


A work force of 2500 highly professional teachers, along with 200 Quality Managers, Academic Heads and Administrators are working towards providing little children the best of education and facilities.

  • Intellectual Development Centre
  • Play Zone
  • Computer Lab
  • Projector Room
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Day Boarding
  • Evening Classes
  • Meals
  • Transportation


The child psychology is ever changing and it is crucial to constantly monitor their changes & development process, so as to create a curriculum that is holistic and balanced. A perfect blend of educational exercises such as reading, writing and theme based learning along exciting co-curricular activities like art, craft, stage exposure & sports will definitely meet the developmental needs of toddlers. Our team of curriculum developers, have designed a scientific curriculum that gives opportunities to teachers to execute innovative ideas and ensure effective teaching keeping in mind the overall development of the children. The books have been curated by our in-house team of experts that are not only easy to follow but perfect captivate a child’s mind.

Sound foundation for life

Sound foundation for life

No one understands children like we do. We certainly know that the formative years of a child’s life are of utmost importance for development, which is why at Mother’s Pride, our child-centric approach ensures the perfect holistic development at this tender age.

Holistic Development

Here, our children learn, discover, imagine and create under 5 domains of development:

  • Socio-Emotional DevelopmentSettling -
    To keep away the separation anxiety of toddlers, we provide a ‘Settling’ phase for them to discover their second home. We regularly organise activities like a circle time to enhance their skills to communicate & express their feelings. We also believe that children’s curiosity and interests are stimulated when they interact with people, places, communities and the environment around us. To achieve this, we take them for picnics, excursions and nature walks.
  • Intellectual Development
    Our scientifically designed curriculum offers special books & learning centres such as intellectual development centre where the children learn through an integrated approach with our self designed teaching tools, and a computer galaxy where the recapitulation of concepts are done as audio visuals to make learning interesting. We also organise Theme based Activities where they learn about the monthly theme & concepts such as ‘People Around Us’, ‘Community Helpers’, ‘My Family’, ‘Fruits & Vegetables’, ‘Shapes’, ‘Numbers’ and ‘Vehicles Around Us’
  • Physical Development
    Natural growth occurs best when children have lots of fun. And, all that fun happens at our splash pool, rain dance, doll house and the most colourful play area. This way we also enhance the gross motor skills of the Prideens. A lot of different activities also focus on their fine motor skill development. Sports is yet another focus area when it comes to physical development. Prideens simply enjoy their energtic taekwondo sessions and the peaceful yoga time. To make them stronger & sharper, a balanced diet is a must. Our in house kitchen helps provide hygienic and nutritious baby friendly food which is tasted by the incharges first, then served to the little ones.
  • Language Development
    At Mother’s Pride, letters are not just modes of expression but our Prideens’ best friends. We simply love to be the cupid and introduce them to magic of words and rhymes. To help them develop an ear for phonics, we conduct many activities using our our phonic card box. Our special storytelling sessions also aid to the development of language and improve their pronunciation skills.
  • Creative Development
    We provide children with a stimulating environment where the little artists can discover their creative talents like dancing, art and craft, music & clay moulding. On the whole, our aim at Mother’s Pride, is to blossom every child's personality by providing an ideal learning environment that ensure all round development during an early age.
Confidence Building

A major part of the development process includes instilling confidence & self-esteem in our Prideens through diverse activities & events.

  • Stage Exposure
    Nowhere in this whole wide world would you see an amalgamation of more than 8500 young children showcasing their talents with sheer enthusiasm. This got our magnanimous annual day registered in the Limca Book of World Records.
  • Fashion Show, Fancy Dress & Roleplay
    Our rockstars & fashionistas walk the fashion show ramp like they were born to shine. While, at our fancy dress & role play you’ll see little ramas&sitas enact the glorious mythology, and doctors, models and politicians painting the world of tomorrow!
  • Class Presentations
    At our Presentations you’ll witness how well your little one is performing in school be it through the cute rhyme recitals, taekwondo moves or even dances performances.
  • Appreciation Day
    There is no better motivator than our specially designed certificates that are awarded to our geniuses at the end of the month for their special qualities & achievements!

Events & Celebrations

When learning can be so much fun, imagine how it would be when every day would turn into a celebration!

  • National days & Festivals

    Building an understanding of the cultures and traditions at such a tender age will certainly leave imprints of patriotism in their hearts forever. We love celebrating each festival with immense joy. Be it Independence day, Gandhi Jayanti, Earth Day, Janmashtmi, Baisakhi, Lohri, Diwali, Holi, Eid or Christmas.

  • Grandparents Day

    Our favourite events of all - GRANDPARENTS’ DAY is a celebration specially dedicated to all the Grandparents. Here, fun & games and bringing back the childhood of all our grandparents becomes our sweet priority. This way we also instil in our Prideens respect for their elders.

  • Birthday Bash

    We’ve saved all the dates, and every Prideen’s birthday is celebrated here with utmost excitement with buddies, parents and teachers.

Instilling Moral Values

Education is incomplete if you don’t instill the values of life during the early years of a child. We raise our children to become model citizens who uphold impeccable moral values.

Positive Parenting

When a child attends Mother’s Pride, so does the whole family. Parents truly benefit from parenting seminars and tips on parenting skills. Let’s just say, we give our children, better parents too.

Teacher’s Training

At Mother's Pride, various trainings and workshops for teachers are conducted to give them exposure so that they can lay a sound foundation for the little ones as well as add their special touch of love to blossom them into wonderful beings. The helper staff & drivers are also groomed to take good care of the Prideens.

Safety & Security

Safety & security is an area that shouldn't worry you at all when your child is at Mother’s Pride. Here, entry-exit slips, alertness of staff, CCTV Surveillance at common areas and our security incharges put all your anxiety to peace.

Capturing Memories With Hocus Pocus

In the treasure chest of life, the childhood memories remain the most soulful and with our in-house team of photographers & editors from Hocus Pocus, we ensure to capture every little lovable moment of our Prideens


Criteria for Admission

Admission Process
  • The parents may visit our branch and meet the counsellors to fill up an admission form.
  • They may even take a school round and understand how little toddlers are nurtured beautifully with love and care.
  • You can also fill the form online and our team will get back to you in no time. Apply here: http://motherspridebathinda.com/contact.php

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