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Grandparents’ Day

What could be more fun than forgetting the responsibilities and enjoying the old age? It could not be more interesting than just being yourself. That’s exactly what our students’ grandparents did on grandparents’ day celebration. The school celebrated Grandparents’ day on 19 Jan, 2020. We love our children but we love their families too. In the hustle-bustle of this busy life our grandparents feel lonely and misunderstood. To fill in this gap we at Mother’s Pride celebrate Grandparents Day every year. Like every year this time also we tried to make it more special. A selfie corner was set up for taking selfie. Event started with a welcome performance. Some more dance performances were prepared by our teachers. There were some competitions for our ‘special guests’ as well. On the basis of their performance titles of ‘Mr. Handsome’ and ‘Mrs. Beautiful’ were given. Many of our grandparents were so filled with joy that they voluntarily performed on stage like singing traditional songs. Our grandmothers performed Gidha. Some esteemed guests gave motivational speech. It was a fun-filled, enthusiastic and amazing day. Our worthy principal Dr. Manveen Kaur also appreciated the efforts and thanked the staff.

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