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Christmas Fete, 2019

Mother’s Pride school organised a fun-filled Christmas fete on 22nd December, 2019. As it was an open for all event, many people apart from our children visited and enjoyed. It was like a Christmas fair games, shopping, food and cold weather on the top of it. People enjoyed it all at one place. Various amazing stalls were set by eminent businesses of the city. Some people set up games for the crowd while some displayed their products. Shopping options like jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, decorative items etc were also available for the visitors. No fair is complete without food. A lot of reputed restaurants like Dominos, Pammi Bakers, Baskin Robins etc invested in fete for stalls. Apart from stalls and games played at stalls many competitions like Ramp walk, Paint the picture, Tap your toes, Clay Play, Shaloka Chanting etc. were organised for children. Our students also gave various performances like welcome song, Cultural Dance, Act etc. Many eminent personalities of the town, the management of the school and our Principal Dr. Manveen Kaur was present in the event. People were very happy with the event and said that such events should happen occasionally. Principal also said that everyone should spare some time for their entertainment and congratulated the staff of Mother’s Pride to put up on an excellent show.

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